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How to Record a Payment on a Bill


  • Mark Bill as paid
  • How to make a Payment
  • How to record a payment
  • How to Record a Payment to Bill 
  • How to apply a payment to an invoice 
  • Paying a Bill manually
  • Record a payment
  • Apply payment
  • How to apply trust funds to a bill
  • How to apply trust to an invoice
  • How to apply trust funds to an invoice


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • For paying multiple Bills at once see here.
  • The Destination Account is the bank Account ledger you wish to record your Bill payments into. For steps on creating an Account in Clio, click here


  1. Navigate to the Billing tab in the navigation bar
  2. Click Filter on the right-hand side
  3. Enter the relevant details to locate this Bill and click Search/Apply Filters
  4. Click the invoice number to view the Bill
  5. Click Record Payment
  6. Select a Source (Direct Payment, Credit Card or Trust/Operating funds)
  7. Ensure a Destination is selected
  8. Enter the Payment Amount
  9. Click Record Payment


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