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How Do I Send My Client a New Email Link to Pay Via Clio Payments?


  • Provide Client with a new link to pay Bill via Clio Payments after having already sent them one.


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Payments

Additional Information:

Un-sharing and re-sending the Bill will send the Client a brand new email notification where they can access the link to pay. This is currently the only way to send them a link to pay. This is helpful for when you have already shared the Bill with the Client but they can't/don't want to find the original email and you want to send it to them again.


  1. Open the Bill in question by clicking on the Bill ID or clicking View
  2. Click Share at the top right hand corner
  3. Click Stop Sharing
  4. Re-send the Bill by selecting the Contact you want to share it with
  5. Make sure Email is selected
  6. Click Send Bills


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