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How Do I Bulk Edit Time Entries?


  • How to Bulk Edit Time Entries
  • Bulk changing multiple Time Entries
  • Updating more than one Time Entry
  • Retroactively Update Time Entry rates
  • Change Time Entry cost
  • Change Billable Status of Time Entry
  • Non-Billable to Billible bulk edit


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Please note that these changes are irreversible
  • This will only edit the Time Entries displayed on the page you are currently viewing
  • You can only Edit entries that are not on a Bill 
  • Only Account Administrators have access to this feature
  • Changing the Matter Billing Preferences may impact Time Entries. For more information, see here.


  1. Go to either the Activities page or the Activities sub-tab of a specific Matter
  2. Check the boxes beside the Time Entries you wish to edit
  3. Select Edit Time Entries
  4. Change either the Date, Matter, User, Billable state, or Rate
  5. Confirm you have read and understood the consequences
  6. Select Save
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