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How to Bill Time Entries on a Flat Fee Matter Without them Showing on a Bill


  • Billing for Time on a Flat Fee Matter without having it displayed on the Bill itself 
  • Reporting on hours for a Flat Fee Matter 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



1. Create the Matter as a Flat Fee. For instructions, click here. 
2. Enter Time for the Matter as a no charge or a $0 Rate (if the Matter is set to flat fee the time will automatically be entered with a $0 Rate) 
3. When you're ready to Generate the Bill, select the main Bills tab 
4. Select Billable Clients
5. Locate the Matter and check the box next to the Matter (Select Filter to locate a specific Matter)
6. Select Generate 
7. Under detail level select Aggregate
8. Select Generate Bills 
9. Open the Bill 
10. Select Edit 
11. Locate the Activity Category Field on the Bill and type Flat Fee
12. Select Save Invoice


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