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KCS - How Do I Create a Custom Matter Numbering Template?


  • Set my matter numbering scheme/schema
  • Set up matters to appear how I'd like


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

As you create your template a preview of that template will appear at the top of the page. Changes made to the Matter Numbering Template will only be applied to new Matters on a go-forward basis, however bulk actions can update Matters that were previously created.


  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Practice
  3. Click on the Matter Numbering subtab
  4. Under Insert separators or type your own below click the x on the right of each box
  5. Either:
    1. Select a field from the Customize with additional fields dropdown then:
      1. Select any additional options
      2. Click Add 
    2. Click the period, dash, or slash button on the top-right
  6. Continue to select fields or special characters until the Matter Number Template is complete
  7. Click Update Settings
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