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How Can I Create an Expense Only Bill?


  • Generating a Bill without Service Entries 
  • Creating an Expense Bill 
  • Bulk removing Expenses from a Bill
  • How do I remove expenses from an invoice
  • How to Create a Bill Containing Only the Client's Expenses
  • Use Quick Bills to create a Bill with Expenses and without Time Entries
  • Bill for expenses only
  • Generate a bill with expenses only
  • expenses only bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Removing Service Entries from a Bill will not permanently delete the Entries. It will only remove the Entries from the Invoice where they will go back to the Matter as Unbilled. 


Option 1 (Remove Each Service line item individually):

  1. Open the Matter you would like to create an Expense Bill for 
  2. On the Dashboard select Quick Bill 
  3. Select Generate Bill 
  4. Select View Bill 
  5. Select Edit 
  6. Select the Services button
  7. Check off the box next to Actions
  8. Select Remove 
  9. Select Save Invoice 

 Option 2 (Aggregate All Service line items, and then remove the aggregated entry):

  1. Click on Billing
  2. Click on New Bills at the top right
  3. Check off the Matter you want to Bill
  4. Click Generate
  5. Check Aggregate
  6. Select Only services aggregated
  7. Click Generate bills
  8. Edit the newly created Draft Bill
  9. Click Remove next to the aggregated services
  10. Click Save invoice
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