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If I Delete or Void a Bill Will I Lose All My Time Entries?


  • To learn what happens to Time Entries after a Bill is deleted or Voided
  • Will it delete all my Expense Entries?
  • Will it delete all my Activities 
  • If I delete a Bill, will the data remain in Clio


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If you edited the bill and made changes directly to line items without checking off "Update records", these changes will not have been saved to the original Time Entries. As such, when voiding the Bill, you will lose those changes.

If "Update records" was checked off (it is checked off by default in New Clio), then you will not lose any changes when Voiding the Bill.


No, those Time Entries pop back into the Time and Activities tabs in Clio. They will show up under Billable Clients in the main Bills tab so that they can be generated onto a new Bill.

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