KCS - How to Share a Calendar Event with a Contact or Firm Member


  • Sharing a Calendar Event with a Contact 


  • Clio Web App

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New Calendar

  1. Select Calendar 
  2. Select Add Event 
  3. Type a Title for the Event in the Title field
  4. Type the Contacts name in the Find firm users or contacts to invite field 
  5. You can include Location information in the Location field 
  6. Assign a Start and End time 
  7. Assign a Matter in the Matter field if applicable 
  8. Include more details in the Description field 
  9. Select Save Event 

 Previous Calendar

  1. Select Calendar 
  2. Click on Add Event 
  3. Type a title for the Event in the Summary field
  4. Populate the other details as needed
  5. In the Attendees section, under Firm, select the members of the firm that you wish to invite
    • Alternately, click on Invite Contacts Via Clio Connect and select the appropriate contact
  6. Click Create Calendar Entry
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