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The Quickbooks Online Page in Clio Says That Bills Synced but I See Nothing in My Account


  • Green check mark is displayed for synced information to Quickbooks but the customer can't see any information in their Quickbooks account and there are no sync errors


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

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Clio is syncing to a different QuickBooks Online Account than the one that the client is looking in. It is possible to have sub-QuickBooks Online accounts within the main account and therefore the right account must be selected.


  1. On the Bill Syncing page click Revoke Access
  2. Select Revoke from the dropdown
  3. Reinitiate the Quickbooks Online sync and make sure the correct account is signed into and selected when the Quickbooks popup dropdown menu appears
    1. If the Quickbooks online Account that you want to sync to is a sub account under the Apps of the main Account then the title of this account must be clicked on to select this Account


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