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How to Change Account Owner in Clio if Current Owner is no longer at the firm


  • Change the Clio Account Owner without access to the current listed owner's email.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If for whatever reason, the firm member initially listed as the Originating Subscriber (as laid out in our Terms of Service) has left the firm without transferring ownership, and cannot be reached to transfer ownership, then Clio can make this change. We require an Affidavit, notarized by a Notary Public with a valid commission, as well as, the new Account Owner's Bar Association or Law Society membership number. 

As modification of account ownership has serious consequences, and due to differing state and province requirements to verify both Notary and Attorney credentials, this process may take upwards of 5 business days. While we will make every effort to expedite this process where possible, we must perform our due diligence in protecting the integrity of accounts.

If the current owner can still login to Clio and transfer ownership, they can follow these simple steps to immediately transfer ownership: How to change the Originating Subscriber (Account Owner) 


  1. Create a sworn Affidavit stating the following (and modifying as needed):
    "I, (NAME), being first duly sworn upon oath, depose and say:  That (NAME OF DEPARTED FIRM MEMBER) is no longer a member of the law firm of (NAME OF LAW FIRM).  I am an active licensed member of the (STATE) Bar, Bar # (NUMBER) and that I am requesting that Clio modify the account information for (NAME OF LAW FIRM) to list me as the Originating Subscriber of the account and therefore should have sole authority to administer the subscription.  The email currently used by me for this Clio account is (EMAIL BEING USED TO LOG INTO CLIO).  Please transfer ownership to this email address."

  2. Have Affidavit notarized by an actively commissioned Notary Public. The notary should confirm in the jurat that the Affidavit was "sworn or affirmed" by the named Affiant in his or her presence. Acknowledgements will not be accepted.
  3. Send Affidavit to Clio Support.


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