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How to Add a Descriptor to Matter Number Without Changing Matter Number Settings


  • Currently using standard Matter Numbering and want to add a customized description and the end of the Matter Name


  • Clio Web Apps

Additional Information:

Example Current Scenario
You have created multiple Matters for a Contact, and Matter names appear something like as follows:

Desired Scenario
You are happy with your current Matter Numbering settings, but would prefer something like the following for this specific Contact:
00002-Brown-Personal Injury
00003-Brown-Civil Litigation


To manually change these Matter Numbers:

  1. Edit the Contact Last Name to include the descriptor:
    • Locate the Contact
    • Select Edit
    • In the Last Name Field, add the descriptor to the end of the current Last Name (ex. add "-Will" so Last Name reads "Brown-Will")
    • Update Person
  2. Update the Matter Number
    • Locate the Matter
    • Select Edit
    • Within Matter Edit page, check off the box Update Matter Number
    • Save/Update the Matter
    • Matter Number will now reflect updated name
  3. Re-Edit the Contact Last Name
    • Once you are happy with the updated Matter numbers, please return to the Contact and Edit the Last Name back to the correct name
    • Update Person to save changes


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