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How to Add a Descriptor to Matter Number Without Changing Matter Number Settings


  • Currently using standard Matter Numbering and want to add a customized description at the end of the Matter Name


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Example Current Scenario
You have created multiple Matters for a Contact, and Matter names appear something like as follows:

Desired Scenario
You are happy with your current Matter Numbering settings, but would prefer something like the following for this specific Contact:
00002-Brown-Personal Injury
00003-Brown-Civil Litigation

If you'd prefer to change your Matter Numbering Scheme to automatically pull your Matter Description to avoid making these manual changes, click here.


To manually change these Matter Numbers we will have to Temporarily modify the Contact's Last Name and update the corresponding Matters:

  1. Edit the Contact's Last Name to include the descriptor:
    • Locate the Contact
    • Select Edit
    • In the Last Name Field, add the descriptor to the end of the current Last Name (ex. add "-Will" so the Last Name reads "Brown-Will")
    • Update Person
  2. Update the Matter Number
    • Locate the Matter
    • Select Edit
    • At the bottom of the Matter Edit page, check off the box Update Matter Number
    • Save/Update the Matter
    • Matter Number will now reflect updated name (ex. 00001-Brown-Will)
  3. Re-Edit the Contact's Last Name
    • Once you are happy with the updated Matter numbers, please return to the Contact and Edit the Last Name back to the correct last name.
    • Update Person to save changes (ex. remove "-Will" so the Last Name reads "Brown")


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