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Why Did My Issue and Due Date Change on My Invoices When I Approved Them?


  • Update Issue Date and Due Date
  • Why was my Issue Date and Due Date changed?


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Additional Information:

To allow editing of approved invoices, please see: Allow editing of Approved Invoices


When you have an invoice sitting in Draft for an extended period of time and the issue date has passed, Clio will send a popup asking you if you would like to update the issue date. You can then choose to update the issue date by checking the box beside Update the issue date (optional). If you do this, the due date will also be newly calculated from this issue date by the payment profile that is associated with their account. 

If you do not want this to change, feel free to not check the box. You can also edit the issue date and due date before approving the invoice to set it how you would like before approving the invoice. Once you approve the invoice however, you will not be able to change the due date as easily. 

You will now need to either delete the invoice and regenerate it, or allow editing of approved invoices.

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