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How to Refund Part of a Bill Payment and Return the Funds Back to the Trust Account


  • Issue a Credit for a paid Bill
  • Return Bill Payment to Client Account
  • Show Transaction for refund of Bill Payment


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Use these steps to show funds from the Trust Account/Client Account being transferred to the Operating Account/firm account for payment towards a Bill, then refunded back to the Trust Account/Client Account


  1. Access the preview page of the Bill
  2. Locate the the Payments tab
  3. Take note of the date and any other details, then click on Delete (we will be re-applying it later on)
  4. Select Credit notes
  5. Click Add Credit Note and enter the amount that you will be refunding
  6. Navigate back to Payments and click Record Payment
  7. Select the appropriate Source and input the full amount of the Bill (as originally paid) in the Payment field (note that this needs to be entered in the field for the specific Bill and not in the Payment amount field); this will be applied as an over-payment and the additional funds will be added to the Matter's ledger in the Operating Account

  8. Input the original payment date and click Record payment
  9. Access the page for the Matter and select the Transactions tab
  10. Click Transfer Funds
  11. Choose Between bank accounts
  12. Select the appropriate Source and Destination
  13. Enter the Amount
  14. Include any other relevant details
  15. Record transfer


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