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Why Don't I See the Option "Warn If Duplicate Bill Number Is Used" in QuickBooks Online Settings?


  • Duplicate bill number setting listed in Clio Support Article is not available in QuickBooks Online 
  • Don't see duplicate bill number checkbox that is referenced in QuickBooks Online Suggested Settings


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

If you intend to use Quickbooks Simple Start, please be mindful when manually changing Bill ID numbers in Clio. Clio will automatically create unique IDs. However, if you ever edit a Bill and override an ID to a previously used number, there is the risk of the following:

  • Both Bills will be created in QBO with the same ID
  • Or the second created Bill in Clio will not sync to QBO and there would be no accompanying error message

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QuickBooks Simple Start does not include this setting option.

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