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Amiqus ID


Amiqus ID is a fast, secure and reliable way to complete anti-money laundering, identity and ongoing compliance checks. Request identity, photo ID and bank transaction checks from your clients, reduce the risk of manual error and increase your billable efficiency.

By connecting Clio and Amiqus ID, this integration allows you to import your existing clients in Clio to Amiqus ID and start running checks, or export your Amiqus ID clients, reports and audit trail to Clio.


Connecting Amiqus ID to Clio
Using Amiqus with Clio
     Importing Clio Contact into Amiqus ID
     Connecting an Existing Amiqus ID Client to a Contact in Clio
     Exporting Latest Checks & Activity to Clio
Disconnecting Amiqus ID and Clio
Additional Support

Connecting Amiqus ID to Clio

Once you've signed up for an Amiqus ID account, login then click on your user name at the top right of the screen and select "Apps & Integrations" from the menu.


On the "Apps & Integrations" screen, click the "Connect Clio Account" button.


On the "Connect with Clio" screen, click the "Yes, Let's Connect" button (If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect).

You will then be directed back to Amiqus ID.

Using Amiqus with Clio

Importing Clio Contact into Amiqus ID

Go to the "Clients" tab and click the "New Client" button.


On the "Add a new client" page, click the "Import from Clio" button.


Next, select your Contact from the "Import from Clio" field.


The Clio Contact’s name and email address will be imported into Amiqus ID. Once the client has been connected you will be able to export their Latest Check Results and Client Activity to Clio.

Connecting an Existing Amiqus ID Client to a Contact in Clio

Navigate to an existing client in Amiqus ID and clickthe "Link to Clio Contact" button.


On the "Link to a Contact in Clio" screen, you have the option to select an existing Contact in Clio or to create a new Contact in Clio.


Exporting Latest Checks & Activity to Clio

Once a connection between your Clio Contact and Amiqus ID Client has been established, you can export their Latest Checks & Client Activity to Clio.

From the "Client Overview" screen, click the "Export" button then select "Export to Clio" from the menu. The Client’s latest check results will be exported to Clio as a PDF.

The connection also allows you to view the Contact in Clio. Click the "View in Clio" button to open Clio to the Contact's page (in a new browser window).


To export Client Activity, navigate to the "Activity" tab within your Amiqus ID client and click "Export to Clio". The Client’s activity feed will be exported to Clio as Contact Notes.


Disconnecting Amiqus ID and Clio

To disconnect your Amiqus ID account from Clio, navigate to "Apps & Integrations" (see "Connecting Amiqus ID to Clio" above) and click the "Disconnect" button.


Additional Support

If you would like further support, the Amiqus ID support team are available via in-app support. Click the Help button in the bottom right corner of the application to send them a message and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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