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How to Add Multiple Related Contacts to My Document from Template Using Merge Fields in Clio Manage?


  • Why aren't my Related Contacts being pulled into my Document from Template?
  • Document Automation pulls in related contacts for some Matters but not others
  • How to add multiple related contacts to a Document from Template 
  • Related Contact Merge Field is not populating correctly


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



To be able to add multiple Related Contacts to a Document Template, you must add a Relationship to the Related Contact on the Matter.

When you look at the list of possible Merge Fields for a Document Template, the Relationship of the Related Contact will be part of the Merge Field so that you can designate which Related Contact you want to be pulled into the document. Each Related Contact will need to have their own Relationship identifier, which is different from the other Related Contacts, for this functionality to work. This allows you to have several Related Contacts pulled into one Document Automation Template.



When no Relationship is added for a Related Contact, those Related Contacts will show in the 
<< Matter.Relationships.Names >> Merge Field.

If you do not include a Relationship when adding Related Contacts to the Matter and you have more than one Related Contact on that Matter, then all of those Related Contacts will show together on the one Merge Field under << Matter.Relationships.Names >>, rather than be separated as individual Related Contacts.



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