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Managing Accounts - Creating, Editing, and Deleting


Creating Accounts
Editing Accounts
Deleting Accounts

Creating Accounts

The Accounts within Clio are meant to mirror the accounts you have at your financial institution. Therefore, we suggest that you create the same number and types of accounts within Clio to provide genuine utility as an audit and reconciliation tool.

To add a new bank account in Clio, go to the Accounts tab and click New.

  1. Account Type: Choose the Account Type (Operating or Trust/Client).

    Exercise care when selecting the account type, as this option will determine how funds are both managed and reported. All non-trust/Client accounts should be designated as "Operating". Once transactions have been applied to an account, changing the account type is not recommended as this may cause inaccurate information to be reported in Client Ledgers. If you require a type change on an account, please contact the Support Team.

  2. Account Name: Name your account so that you can identify it in a list, eg: IOLTA Account. Account names will sort alphabetically; the capitalized letter before the lowercased letter. 
  3. Optional account information: The bank account information fields are optional. This account in Clio is not linked to your physical bank account. Entering in this information is for your personal reference.
  4. Opening Balance: We do not suggest that you create an Trust/Client account with a balance total. Instead you should leave the opening balance at $0.00 and then link transactions to increase the balance. For instructions on bringing your Trust Balances to Clio, please see (1)How to Add Trust/Client Funds to a Client or (2) How to Add Trust/Client Funds to a Matter.
  5. Default Account: The "Default Account" means that when you open your Transactions tab this account will be the first one in the dropdown, or the "default".
  6. Select Create New Bank Account.


Editing Accounts

From the Accounts tab, click Edit under the appropriate account among your list of accounts. This will take you to the Account edit form where you can modify and apply any necessary changes. Please note that once Transactions have been applied to an account, changing the Account Type is not recommended as this may cause imbalances to be reported in Client Ledgers.


Deleting Accounts

From the Accounts tab, click the arrow to the right of Edit on the desired Account, and select Delete. You can only delete accounts without any recorded Transactions. If you have any Transactions within an Account, you will need to delete all Transactions first. 

*If you are incurring a "mapping error", click here to proceed.



When deleting an Account you will be asked to check off a box to confirm the action and then select Delete in the dialogue box that appears.

Please note that deleting accounts is not recommended as this action will almost certainly cause errors to be reported in client balances.



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