KCS - A Double Entry is Created when I Create a Check in Quickbooks with the Trust Sync Feature


  • A double entry is created in Quickbooks Online when a disbursement check is created in Quickbooks and a Disbursement entry is pushed from Clio to Quickbooks Online 


  • Clio Web App 

Additional Information:

  • The following solutions are suggestions. It is up to the accountants to determine what the best course of actions is. 
  • Contact Support and request a vote for the feature request to allow the creation of disbursement checks in Clio which would resolve the double entry issue.


  • In Clio a Disbursement from Trust is entered and pushed to Quickbooks with the New Trust Sync feature. When the user creates a Disbursement check in Quickbooks Online, a double entry is created.



  •  Uncheck the box "Sync Disbursements" when setting up the Trust Sync 


  • Manually create a disbursement check without using Quickbooks Online 


  • Turn off the Clio to Quickbooks Trust sync to prevent the double entry from being created 




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