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If I Sync My Dropbox / OneDrive / Google Drive etc., Where Are My Files Stored?


  • Does setting up a Document Sync actually copy my files to Clio?
  • Where are files stored with the integration?
  • Are my files from Dropbox copied to Clio?
  • Does Clio copy data from my Google Drive to its data center?
  • If I sync my OneDrive, does Clio copy my files?
  • When I set up a Document Integration with Box, are my files copied from their original server?
  • Will a 3rd Party Sync move my files to Clio?
  • Does setting up OneDrive sync the files or documents to Clio?
  • Will the OneDrive sync import files or documents from Clio?


  • Clio Manage
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • NetDocuments

Additional Information:

Clio provides a convenient link to the Documents in the relevant Matter, but does not store or make a copy of the file.

Upon setting up the Document Sync, Clio will create a Folder called "Clio", containing a folder structure of automatically-generated Client and Matter folders. Essentially, this Clio folder is the only folder that Clio can actually "see". 

The action of moving your existing files into their respective Client and Matter folders happens entirely on Dropbox/OneDrive/etc., and does not copy or move anything to Clio itself.


  • Files are being stored in the 3rd-party document integration, and are simply being accessed through Clio.
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