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Can I Create Document Folders Templates For Every New Matter?


  • Create a Document Folder Template
  • Add the same Document Folders to every Matter
  • The same set of Document Folders


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Please note in order to successfully upload a folder into Clio Manage, the folder must contain at least one document, and if there are subfolders within the folder, these must also contain at least one document. Alternatively, you can download the Clio Desktop App and drag the subfolders into the 'Matter' folder within Clio Drive (this does not require that each folder must contain a document). 


  1. On your desktop, create the set of subfolders
  2. Add a Dummy/Test file within each folder (this can be an empty/blank file)
  3. Select the Documents Tab on the left side panel of Clio
  4. Select the folder on your desktop, drag and drop it into the Documents section
  5. A complete pop-up box with "Matter" and "Category" information
  6. Click Upload documents
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