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KCS - How to Bulk Delete All Contacts


  • Remove All Contacts in my Account
  • Bulk Delete All Contacts


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • Only Users with Administrator Permissions have the ability to use this tool.
  • This tool creates irreversible changes.


  1. Log into Clio as an Administrator
  2. Go to if you are in the previous version of Clio. Go to if you are in new Clio.
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Remove ALL Contacts
  5. Decide if you would like to exclude clients
  6. Click Generate Preview
  7. Wait for the "State" to change from "Preview Queued" to "Preview Completed"
  8. Click Preview
  9. Review the list of Contacts to be deleted
  10. Click Confirm Deletion when ready
  11. Click Perform Operation
  12. Click OK in the Warning Pop-Up Window to begin the deletion process


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