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Imported Activities are not Connected to a Matter


  • Activities have no Matter connection after being imported
  • Imported Time Entries not associated with the Matter
  • Imported Expenses not attached to the Matter
  • Imported Activities files not showing in Matter Activities


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If copying the Matter Number from a Clio Export, ensure that you are using just the Matter Display Number and not including the Matter Description as well (with the exception of the Matter Description being included in your Matter Numbering Scheme)


The Matter column within the CSV was not populated with the accurate Matter display name/number within Clio.


  1. Navigate back to the page
  2. Select the Undo hyperlink to the right of the record of this Activities import
  3. Select Ok to confirm
  4. Open the CSV that was imported
  5. Populate the Matter column with the accurate Matter display name within Clio(ex. 00025-Newton)
  6. Save the CSV
  7. Re-import the Activities into Clio


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