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How to Whitelist Clio Emails


  • Unable to receive Clio emails or emails sent by Clio
  • Unable to receive password reset email
  • Not receiving password reset link


  • Email provider

Additional Information:

Email providers will try to protect the user from unwanted spam. Sometimes this filter will capture emails that the user needs, such as some Clio emails. 

Whitelisting emails lets the email provider know that all emails from this given email are always wanted, and helps prevents these emails from getting filtered out. Because each email provider is different, steps will vary depending on your email provider.

When entering domains to whitelist, enter:,,,,,

There's a possibility that a User has manually created a filter for these kinds of emails on top of the emails being identified as spam. Please search your email for the Clio domains listed above to see if they have been filtered to a different folder or label outside of the Main Inbox. If you are able to locate an email with the Clio domains that is not located in the Main Inbox, then you will need to review your Email Filters to see if any Clio Domains may have been added to one of your Filters.


For information on Gmail, please see: Gmail Whitelist 

For information on Outlook, please see: Outlook Whitelist 

For Information on Yahoo, please see: Yahoo Whitelist

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