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When I Try to Reset My Password the Reset Password Button Doesn't Work


  • The Reset Password button is greyed out and doesn't work when Clio User tries to change their password.
  • The initial password typed in has a red box with the work "Weak" written in it.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • For information on how to reset your password click here. If your Clio account is connected as a Clio Connect account to another firm that uses Strong Passwords, you must use a strong password.


Clio requires that you create a strong password and will not accept weak password combinations.


  1. Follow the reset password steps.
  2. Create a strong password that has a combination of letters, numbers, capitals, symbols etc.
  3. Make sure that the password generated has a green box beside it with the word "Strong" written inside.
  4. Click Reset Password
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