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How Are Partial Payments Reflected on the Revenue Report?


  • How will Collected Time, Collected Expense, Collected Tax, etc. be split up if the bill is only paid in part? 
  • How are partial payments attributed on the Revenue Report?


  • Clio Web App

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Partial payments will be proportionally applied across the Time, Expense, and Tax columns on the Revenue Report.

For example:

  • An approved invoice exists for $4000
    • $3000 of this is time entries and $1000 is expenses
  • User A has billed for $2000
  • User B has billed for $1000 and is responsible for $1000 of expenses

In terms of expenses and time entries:

If a payment of $2000 is received on this invoice, $1500 of the payment will go toward time entries, and $500 will go toward expenses (as they make up 75% and 25% of the invoice subtotal, respectively).

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