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Can't share item with Clio Connect user, error message says that email is already being used.


  • Receiving error message:"Contact (contact@.com) is already being used by Contact." when trying to share item through Clio Connect.


  • Clio Web App
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:



Clio recognizes emails to connect to a single user. As such, if another user had the same email, they would not be able to have an item shared with them through Clio Connect as that email is already in use. You will need to share it to a unique email address, or to the original Contact with the email address. Please note that this will still be the case, even if the original Contact had their name or email changed to something else.


  • Find and delete the previous Contact that has the email address. This will disconnect the Clio account, contact Clio Support and we will release the email from our system. You can now share items with this email


  • Share the item with the original Contact that already has the email connected. This will end up in the same email mailbox, so it should not affect the Client.


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