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What is Clio Connect?


  • What is the client portal Clio Connect 
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  • What is the definition of Clio Connect?
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  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

  • Key Resources: Clio Connect
  • If you are a firm taking on a new Attorney, we highly recommend signing them up for an additional license. A Clio Connect account will not offer a complete list of tools needed for an Attorney to manage their Matters.
  • If you are taking on a Contract Attorney (or co-counsel), you can share Matters with them via Clio Connect, effectively allowing them to enter Time Entries [click here for details].
  • If you are a Client viewing shared resources, you can learn more about Clio Connect by clicking here.


Clio Connect is a portal used for sharing resources with Clients and contact attorneys. Clio Connect also enables users to send Documents and Secure Messages to their clients or co-counsels.

Firms can also use Clio Connect to give contract Attorneys the ability to track time and add Matter Notes.

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