KCS - How to Remove the Quantity Column from a Single Bill


  • Take off the Quantity/Time column from my Bill Theme


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:



  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Billing in the third column
  3. Select the sub-tab for Bill Themes
  4. Click the Copy button above your Default Bill Theme
  5. Click on the image of your Bill Theme Copy
  6. Click the Rename button in the top right 
  7. Choose a name for this Bill Theme (example: No Time Column)
  8. Click on Matter in the first column of the Edit Bill Theme page
  9. Click on Services/Combined Orderings in the second column
  10. Drag Quantity from the Showing Columns to the Hidden Columns

    To apply this to a Bill in Previous Clio:
    1. View a Bill (That hasn't been fully paid)
    2. Click on the blue button for Select Theme
    3. Select your new Bill Theme

    Apply this to a Bill in New Clio:
    1. View the Bill you'd like to apply this to
    2. Under Options on the left hand side, choose your Bill Theme


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