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What are Clio's Password Requirements?


  • To determine what Clio requires when creating a password


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Additional Information:

If you would like advice on how to create a strong password, click here


In Clio, passwords follow these specifications:

  • Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and can be as long as 72 characters. 
  • Passwords that are longer than 72 characters are still accepted by Clio, but only the first 72 characters will be considered when the password is validated. This allows the use of passphrases. 
  • When a user's password is reset for any reason, they will not be able to reuse the password that they had just used. This restriction is limited once, meaning that the original password can be reused on a subsequent reset. 
  • Account Owners can force an individual user or all account users to change their passwords through the "Manage Users" page of the Settings panel. 
  • The strong password requirement DOES apply to Clio Connect users. 
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