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What Extra Features are Available with Advanced Tasks?


  • The benefit of upgrading to Elite for Advanced Tasks
  • Better Task Management Features
  • What's the Difference Between Clio's Tasks and Advanced Tasks?
  • Why would I want Clio's Advanced Tasks?


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Mobile App

Additional Information:

Advanced Tasks are available to subscribers of our Elite plan and to EMEA/UK subscribers of our Premium plan.

Advanced Reports must also be enabled to avail of Task Reporting functionality.

If you choose to downgrade your plan then the features that are enabled with Advanced Tasks will be removed from your account and the data associated with them will be hidden also because the specific feature is no longer enabled. 


  • Create and Assign Task Type to Tasks
    • A "Task Type" is a category of Task that you can create. This makes it easier to filter your Task/Task lists
  • Manage a list of Task Types 
  • Additional statuses (Pending, In Progress, In Review or Complete)
  • Set Time Estimate
    • How long you think a task should take
  • Report on Time Estimate against actual Time recorded (Task Progress by User Report)
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