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Why can't I see a Google Drive folder For My Matter?



  • Why hasn't this Matter/Contact gone over to Google Drive?
  • Why isn't the Google Drive document integration working?


  • Clio web app
  • Google Drive

Additional Information:

It can take up to 24 hours for the initial sync of Google Drive to complete. 


There are a few possible causes for this issue.


  1. In can take up to 10 minutes from the point where a Matter is created in Clio and the Matter folder is created in Clio. To resolve this:
    1. In Clio View the Matter
    2. Click the Documents subtab
    3. Click Google Drive
    4. Click Create Folder
    5. Check to see if the Matter folder was created in Google Drive
  2. Sometimes the Google Drive sync is set up in the incorrect Google account. To resolve this:
    1. In Clio View the Matter
    2. Click the Documents subtab
    3. Click Google Drive
    4. Click Upload
    5. Either click Add Files or drag a document into the Drag files here area
    6. Click Start Upload
    7. In Drive search for the Document you uploaded
    8. If you find it, Google Drive is set up in the correct account
    9. If you do not find it:
      1. Disconnect your Google Drive sync (see here)
      2. Open an incognito window or another web browser
      3. Log into Clio
      4. Set up the Google Drive sync (see here
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