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How to Export from PC Law (PCLaw)?

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  • How to migrate from PC Law?
  • How to export data from PC Law?
  • What is a PC Law migration?
  • How to import data into Clio from PC Law?
  • How to get data from PC Law to Clio?


Additional Information:

Please note that success of any data migration depends primarily on the quality of the data set provided to us. Before attempting to migrate your information into Clio, you should ensure that your data is consistently formatted, well organized, sufficiently backed up, and stored securely. If you are not certain, it is recommended that you consult with your Clio representative before proceeding.

The following procedures are designed for PCLaw Version 14 or earlier.


Contacts and Matters:

  1. Click File > Matter > Export 
  2. Pick Layout Name > OpenMatt
  3. Click Change
  4. Click Main Tab and check all fields
  5. Select Address Tab and check all fields
  6. Click OK 
  7. Under Output File Information select Browse and pick destination
  8. Click Export
  9. When asked to save changes click Yes
  10. Select Active Cases for open matters
  11. Click OK to start Export 
  12. Repeat the same steps into a Word Document format. This will provide you with the headers.

 Repeat steps 1 - 11 for Closed Matters on Step 10 pick Inactive and/or Archived Cases 


Unbilled Time and Expense Entries (WIP):

  1. Click Reports > Client > Fee Listing
  2. On the Common tab select a date range
  3. On the Other tab check all boxes except billed items to get unbilled entries
  4. You can filter by Lawyer if you so choose
  5. Click ok and the report will display on screen
  6. Review the report and once satisfied click export to Excel


Accounts Receivable (Outstanding Balances):

  1. Click Reports > Accounts Receivable > Receivable by Client
  2. On the Common tab select an End Date
  3. Check the box for Matter Totals if you want the balances to show by Matter
  4. You can also filter by Attorney if desired
  5. Click ok and the report will display on screen
  6. Review the report and once satisfied click export to Excel



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