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How to Record a Bounced Check


  • How to Record an NSF (non-sufficient funds) Check
  • Recording fraudulent checks
  • Record a chargeback from a credit card payment
  • When a check comes back as insufficient funds
  • Recording Cheques
  • Insufficient Funds Record
  • Cheque chargeback 


  • Clio Manage

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  1. Delete the Payment from the Bill in question.
  2. Navigate to the Transaction tab within the Matter.
  3. Select the operating account from the Account drop-down.
  4. Add a new Transaction for the amount that was processed originally.
  5. Add another negative Transaction to reflect the chargeback or bounced check. 
    1. To enter a negative transaction, place a minus symbol (-) before the numeric value in the Amount textbox.
  6. Populate the Description with the reason for the return.
  7. Select Record Transaction.
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