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My Bill Falls Off the Page


  • The writing on my invoice goes off the side of the page.
  • Text is running off the page.
  • The Time Entries on my bill cut-off on the right when shared with the client or downloaded to PDF.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This can also occur if the Activity description has been copy and pasted from another software, as more than just the text is being copied onto the bill (such as spacing and line breaks that are not visibly apparent). To ensure that this does not happen moving forward, highlight the text and use control+shift+v (if on a Mac: command+shift+v). This will ensure that only the text is copied into the line item, which in turn will prevent the bill from appearing cut off.


  • This can occur if an entry or note on the Bill includes a long string of text without any spaces, such as a URL. Because there is no space in the text, the string continues off the page instead of moving onto another line.
  • Look for a Description that is connected by periods, such as phone.conference.with.client. - add a space between one of the words to break up the line.


  1. View the Bill
  2. Locate the long string(s)
  3. Edit the Bill
  4. Add a space to break up the long string of text (or delete it entirely)
  5. Click Save invoice


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