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What Does the Elite/Advanced Subscription Offer?


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Additional Information:

For a list of Essentials features, click here. 

For pricing on the Advanced Subscription, click here


Clio Elite includes everything in your current Boutique Plan, plus:

Priority Support for phone and emails (jump the cue and be the first in line)

Unlimited E-Signature Capabilities in Clio Manage

  • Utilize an unlimited amount of E-signatures in Clio Manage through our integration with HelloSign. Clio Boutique has a cap of 10 e-signatures.

Full-Text Search 

  • Find the right document fast from Clio’s global search bar, by searching for keywords within its title, metadata, or text contents. Search multiple file types including PDF, Doc, Docx, and Msg files.
  • Filter and sort documents by category, author, and date.
  • Use Clio Launcher to open documents directly from your search results.

Matter Budgets 

  • The Matter Budgets Dashboard helps you easily track hours and expenses put into a matter against a client’s budget. You can notify your team once you’ve hit a cap so you can be more proactive with your clients.
  • If you have enabled Matter Budget notifications, the selected recipients will receive an email notification when:
    • the Matter Budget threshold percentage has been reached
    • the details of the Matter Budget have been changed.

Court Calendaring Rules

  • Keep track of your Court Deadlines more efficiently.  Court Calendaring Rules is a powerful tool that allows you to track for dates set by the court simply by selecting triggers. These triggers will fall under the jurisdictions you choose within your account.

Advanced Tasks

  • Advanced Tasks enables users to track “where things are at” with your team’s matters and builds upon the functionality of Tasks in Clio, giving you greater capability to categorize and report on your Tasks. Advanced Tasks adds three additional fields to your Tasks:
    • Task Type
    • Status
    • Time Estimate
  • In the Reports tab, Advanced Tasks adds two reports:
    • Task Progress by User
    • Task Productivity by User

Task Progress by User Report

  • Designed to give firm managers a detailed view of Users' task progress. It breaks down the firm's tasks to show how many tasks each User has and what status those tasks are in.

Task Productivity by User Report

  • Designed to give firm managers a detailed view of Users' task productivity. It breaks down the firm's tasks to show how many tasks each User has upcoming, overdue, and completed.

Originating Attorney Revenue Report

  • Designed to help firms visualize and quantify how much income each attorney in the firm has brought in.

Fee Allocation Report

  • Designed to give firms a detailed view of time and expenses each user has billed (and collected) on a Matter. This can be used to determine the percentages of a paid invoice that should be allocated to each attorney that worked on that Matter.
  • This report aids in determining how to compensate attorneys based on the work they do (hours they bill for vs. what gets collected


Clio Advanced includes everything in your Elite Plan, plus:

Text Messaging

  • With text messaging in Clio Manage, you and your clients have a convenient way to answer questions and share updates, all without having to give out your personal phone number.
  • You can send texts from the Communications tab using a toll-free number that is assigned to your firm, receive text messages from contacts, view saved text message conversations in the Communications tab, and add time entries. 

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