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Why am I Receiving the Message: Sorry, the Email Alias wasn't Saved due to the Following Errors: Email is not Unique?


  • Adding an email Alias and receiving a message that email is not unique. 


  • Clio Web App 

Additional Information:

To contact Clio Support, please see here


There could be two reasons for this message:

  1. The email is considered a "safe email", a user already has that email associated to their account, or the email has been added as an alias. No action is required. 
  2.  The email is being used by a deactivated User.  To check, please follow the steps below: 
    1. In the left sidebar, click on Settings
    2. From the first column of options, click Manage Users
    3. Click on Filter
    4. Select Show All Users
    5. If this if the cause, please contact Clio Support to have the email released.
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