How to Import Matters to Clio Manage


  • Importing Matters from a CSV into Clio
  • Add your existing cases to Clio in bulk from a spreadsheet


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Note that:

  • Contacts must be imported before Matters for them to be linked properly
  • When importing data:
    • If you are transferring data from one Clio account to another, the exported CSV file must be edited to match the Matters Import template found here
    • Otherwise, use the steps here for populating the Matters Import template
  • To view the details of any failures, click on the number in the ID column and scroll down to the Import Failures section
  • Date format should match the format that you will be using on the account (mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy)


  1. Go to the Imports page in Clio (
  2. Click on the green Add button
  3. Select Matters from CSV for the Import
  4. Click Choose File and locate the file from its location on your computer
  5. Click Upload File
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