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What Gets Exported from Clio for QuickBooks Desktop?


  • Items that get exported from the QuickBooks Desktop IIF export 
  • Import Clio Billing information into QuickBooks Desktop


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Desktop

Additional Information:

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Included in the Bills Export:

  • Customers that have Bills in Awaiting Payment or Paid
    • The name prefix
    • Display name in (First Name) (Last Name) format
    • The first and last names
    • The first Billing address
    • The first Home address
    • The first Work phone number
    • The first Home phone number
    • The first Fax number
    • The Company they are an employee of
  • Bills that are in Awaiting Payment or Paid states
    • They are Invoice types
    • A debit for the full amount in Accounts Receivable
    • The Bill number under DOCNUM
    • The Matter number MEMO
    • Line Items as Income Account credits
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