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How Do I Fill Out The Matters Import Template?


  • Import Matters into Clio Manage
  • Bulk upload Matters into Clio Manage
  • Add Matter Information to the spreadsheet template 
  • Populate Matters CSV for import into Clio


  • Excel
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Do not modify the column headers as they are mapped into Clio
  • Contacts must be imported before Matters for them to be linked properly
  • You can not import the Originating Attorney
  • If you plan to use the Matter Number (Per Year) option in your Matter Numbering Scheme, please be advised that the open_date should accurately reflect the year the matters were opened


  1. Open this template 
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your Matter information (Required fields in red are mandatory when filling out this spreadsheet). 
    • status: Open, Closed or Pending (Required)
    • location: the location of the matter. This populates the "location" field inside the Matter in Clio.
    • client_reference: the reference of the client. This populates the "client reference" field inside the Matter in Clio. This can be any information what you need in the law firm such as Court File Number, or Office File Number unless you are a law firm that needs to do LEDES billing.
    • description: your specific case information (Required).
    • open_date, close_date, and pending_date:  to be populated with the applicable dates in MM/DD/YYYY format
    • custom_number: the Matter number that will display if the account is set to a manual numbering system (otherwise this can be left blank and Matters will use Clio numbering).
    • note: will create an entry in the Notes tab of the Matter using the Subject 'Matter import notes'
    • client_first_name, client_last_name and/or client_company_name: for linking the matters to the contacts. This should match exactly to the first/last/company names listed in the Contacts section (Required)
    • responsible_attorney: must be an exact match for an Attorney user on your account; you can also set this in the import
    • practice_area: the general type of law .
  3. Save the file in CSV format
  4. Import the file by following the steps below:
    • Open Clio's Import page:
      • For North American accounts, click here
      • For European accounts, click here
    • Click Add
    • Under Import select Matters from CSV
    • Click Choose File
    • Select the CSV file you saved in step 3
    • Click Upload File
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