KCS - How Do I Fill Out The Matters Import Template?


  • Add Matter Information to the spreadsheet template 
  • Populate Matters CSV for import into Clio


  • Excel

Additional Information:

  • Contacts must be imported before Matters for them to be linked properly
  • Rows 2 and 3 are meant to serve as example information and can be deleted
  • If this information already exists in a separate spreadsheet, you can copy and paste it into the corresponding columns in the Template
  • You can edit the Export Matter Template to have two separate columns for the Contacts.
  • You can not import the Originating Attorney.
  • Use the steps here for importing


  1. Open this template
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your Matter information
    • description: your specific case information (Required)
    • practice_area: the general type of law 
    • custom_number: the number that will display if the account is set to a manual numbering system (otherwise this can be left blank)
    • client_first_name, client_last_name and client_company_name: for linking the matters to the contacts and should match exactly with the first/last/company names in your Contact import (or existing Contacts in Clio)
    • note: will create an entry in the Notes tab of the Matter using the Subject 'Matter import notes'
    • open_date and close_date:  to be populated with the applicable dates in MM-DD-YY format
    • status: Open, Closed or Pending
    • billable: enter 'No' for not billable or leave blank if billable
    • responsible_attorney: must be an exact match for an Attorney user on your account; you can also set this in the import
  3. Save the file in CSV format
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