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Troubleshooting Document Automation Errors


  • Error: "The template could not be processed. The file type may not be supported, or it may have been generated by an unsupported program. Please contact for assistance."
  • Error: "You have selected a file type we do not support"
  • Template not working


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • If you are changing the name upon uploading the Template to Clio, make sure to leave the file type at the end of the File Name. ie. "Letter2.doc" instead of "Letter2" 


This can occur for a number of reasons, below are suggestions for troubleshooting this.


  • Ensure that the Template was created in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Test the Template in a different Matter
  • Try removing Tables in the document
  • Try removing Headers and Footers 
  • If successful, try removing different components of each to isolate which is causing the error
  • Try changing the file format from .docx to .doc
  • Check to make sure there are no special characters in the filename (This can include a "–" or "—" instead of a standard sized "-")
  • Shorten the file name; there is a limit of 100 characters, including the file extension
  • Copy and paste the document information into another blank document 
  • Split the document up in half to see if one of the halves throws an error, and then further split into quarters to start narrowing down the area of the template to isolate what is causing the error
  • If the document was a copy i.e. not an original document, it might not be supported for it may not have read and write permission. Copy the content in a new Word doc and upload. 
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