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Invoices Are Skipping Numbers


  • Invoice Numbering using higher number than last invoice
  • Invoices no longer uses sequential numbering
  • Invoice Numbers being skipped


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Invoices will be numbered sequentially (always assigned the next highest number in the system)
  • Voided Bills are taken into account for Invoice Numbering


Multiple causes, see below


  • If you charge Interest on Bills, each charge will generate a separate Invoice Number
    • e.g., Invoice 1 had accrued Interest for 1 month and you are now generating your second Bill. This Invoice will be numbered as #3 (the Interest charge is #2)
    • If you sync with Quickbooks or Xero do not renumber your Invoices to try to correct for this, as each Invoice and Interest charge must have a unique ID
    • If you have disabled the interest feature from Clio but are continuing to observe skipping Bill IDs, it is likely because there are existing Bills that are continuing to accrue interest. Those bills will either need to be written-offvoided, or eventually paid off.
  • Make sure that you are referring to the All tab in Bills (in case there are Paid, Draft, or Void bills using higher numbers)
  • If you created a number of Draft Bills and deleted some but approved others, the Approved Bills will continue using the same number that they were assigned upon generation which can mean that some numbers are skipped


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