KCS - What Can I Migrate From One Clio Account to Another?


  • What Can I Migrate from Clio to Clio?
  • Getting data from one Clio account into another
  • Clio to Clio migration


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • For complete instructions on how to migrate information from one Clio account to another see here.


  • Contacts
    • Exporting Contacts (see here)
    • Importing Contacts (see here)


  • Matters
    • Exporting Matters (see here)
    • Importing Matters (see here)


  • Calendar Events
    • Exporting Calendar Events (see here)
    • Importing Calendar Events (see here)


  • Tasks
    • Exporting Tasks (see here)
    • Importing Tasks (see here)


  • Related Contacts
    • Exporting Related Contacts (see here)
    • Importing Related Contacts (see here)


  • Contact and Matter Notes
    • Exporting Notes (Contacts: see here) (Matters: see here)
    • Importing Notes (Contacts: see here) (Matters: see here)


  • Activities (Time Entries and Expenses)
    • Exporting Activities (Time Entries: see here) (Expenses: see here)
    • Importing Activities (see here)


  • Contact and Matter Custom Fields
    • Exporting Custom Fields (see here) (the same steps as exporting Matters)
    • Importing Custom Fields (Contacts: see here) (Matters: see here)
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