KCS - How Do I Find Time Entries That Have No Matter?


  • Locate Time Entry that is not associated to or linked to a Matter
  • Missing Time Entries


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Taking the steps below will pull your Time Entries without a Matter to the top of the list


New Clio:

  1. Go to the Activities tab
  2. Click the Time tab
  3. Enter the appropriate start and end dates, or clear out the fields to view all dates
  4. Click Filters
  5. Under "Firm user," select All Users
  6. Click Apply filters
  7. Click on the Matter column heading to rearrange the Time Entries and have the entries without Matters appear at the top of the list

Previous Clio:

  1. Go to the Activities tab
  2. Select Filter
  3. Under User select All Users
  4. Uncheck the Date Filter Box to show all Time Entries
  5. Click the Matter column heading to sort Entries by ascending Matter Number


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