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How to Edit a Downloaded LEDES Bill


  • How to change the entries in a Clio downloaded LEDES Bill


  • Clio Manage
  • LEDES 1998b

Additional Information:

To make it easier to view and figure out where you need to make the change:

  1. Copy the TXT file and change the file type of the copied file from TXT to CSV
  2. Open the CSV file in Excel
  3. Select the cells containing the information and click Data > Text to Columns
  4. Select Delimited and click Next
  5. Uncheck Tab, and select Other
  6. Type in | (Shift + \), click Finish

Note that after you view the CSV, go back to the original TXT file and make the edits; changing the CSV back to TXT will not create a valid LEDES Bill.


  1. Open the downloaded TXT file in Notepad or your preferred text editor
  2. Locate the entry you want to edit and replace it with the new entry
  3. Save and close the file


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