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How to Create a Document Template in Microsoft Word


  • Insert Merge Fields into a Document to create a Template that can be used in Document Automation
  • Document Merge Fields
  • Document Automation
  • Create a document in Word in preparation for uploading a document template into Clio


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Word

Additional Information:

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  1. Create a Document in Microsoft Word
  2. Fill in all the content, and leave all fields you want to generate on a per-matter basis blank
  3. In Clio, go to Settings
  4. Click Documents
  5. Locate a Merge Field you want to use
  6. Click the Clipboard icon to the right of the Merge Field
  7. Paste the Merge Field into the Document using plain text formatting
  8. Follow steps 3-7 until you have inserted Merge Fields into all Matter/Client specific fields 
  9. Save the Document
  10. Upload the Document to Clio as a Document Template [Instructions]
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