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Why am I Receiving the Error, "Calendar memberships calendar has already been taken?"


  • Error: Sorry, the calendar wasn't saved due to the following errors: Calendar memberships calendar has already been taken.
  • Unable to share a calendar 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



This generally indicates that the Calendar is already shared with the user. If that is not the case, proceed with the below. 


  1. Go to the Calendar page
  2. Click on Sharing
  3. Select the affected Calendar
  4. Take note of the existing Sharing Permissions (taking a screenshot if needed)
  5. Click on Remove Permission for each existing share
  6. Click Update Calendar
  7. Select the Sharing tab again
  8. Select the affected Calendar
  9. Click Add Calendar Share, adding back all previous Sharing Permissions and the new one 


This could be due to giving permission to the same person via a group and individually. 

  1. Go to the Calendar page
  2. Click on Sharing
  3. Make sure that there are not any duplicated permissions involving the persons Calendar you are receiving the error for.  For example, if you are trying to share your Calendar with Lisa, make sure that Lisa is not already included in another Group that you have already given her permission in.
  4. Click Remove Permission for any duplicates. 
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