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Error Sending Invitation to a New User: Email Has Already Been Taken


  • Unable to add a user 
  • Can't add a new firm member 
  • Keep receiving error message 
  • Unable to send new user Invitation


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • If the other email is associated with a paid Clio account that is in a canceled state, contact Support. 
  • Another reason this might happen is if the email address has been previously used by another user who is currently deactivated. If this is the case, see here.
  • A previous email change may still be pending and the User will need to log in with that email before it is reflected in your Clio Manage account. 


  1. The email address is already in use by another paid Clio account. Each email address can only be associated with one paid account.
  2. There was a user invitation sent to the same email before.  If you're not seeing that invite, please contact our Support Team.


  1. Get the user to change their existing email linked to a different Clio account to another email address
  2. Go to Settings>Manage Users to check if the user has already been invited in the past and delete the invite, then reinvite
  3. If none of the solutions above work, please contact our Support Team


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