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How Do I Make My Merge Fields Appear In All Capital Letters When Using Document Automation?


  • Capitalize a Merge Field when using a Document Merge


  • Microsoft Word

Additional Information:

Ensure that you are selecting All Caps from the Font popup window and not simply UPPERCASE from the Ribbon > Font > Aa, as this will not work.

This same process can be used (for instance) to create Merge Fields that have a strikethrough, want to use a specific font, or want the font to have a specific colour.


  1. Insert the Merge Field into Word as you normally would
  2. Highlight the Merge Field (entire field including brackets << >>)
  3. Click Format near the top of Microsoft Word
  4. Click Font
  5. Click the All caps checkbox
  6. Click OK

Once the template is uploaded, any document generated using that template the Merge Fields will use the selected formatting. 


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