How To Print All Bills At Once


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  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

If you choose to print all Bills in your account or want to print more than 50, when you have clicked the Select All check box, click the "50" Results per page at the bottom of the invoices and change to "200". This is the maximum amount of invoices that can be downloaded or printed at a given time. You can also download them in archive so that they are downloaded in a folder that you can then open individually in PDF format.

 Procedure (New Clio):

  1. Go to the main Bills tab
  2. Pick the Bill State you want to print Bills for
  3. Select the invoices from the list that you would like to print by checking the boxes to the left of Actions
  4. Click the small arrow drop down beside Share and click Print 
  5. This will download a long PDF with all invoices that you can then print
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